The city of the popular 16th century mosque Charminar, the place of lip-smacking biryani popularized with the city’s name with it, we are in Hyderabad!

An abode to many high-end restaurants and shopping complex, this city unfurls the best of history with its classic and towering minarets that speaks words of the glorious past of the city. Apart from the beauty that surrounds everything here, the list of food to taste gets even better.

However, all of us are pretty aware of the ‘zaika’ of the widely loved ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’, but that’s not all. Hyderabad extends some of the most exotic and mouthwatering treats which are not just biryanis.  Check out the list-

10 Best Hyderabadi Dishes to Try

  1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani
How to not mention Biryani when you’re thinking of Hyderabad? Popularizing the concept of biryanis and the flavor, taste and aroma of this biryani has esteemed it distinctly in its own heights in the family of biryanis. Cooked with mutton or chicken, adorned with richly flavored ingredients and saffron, this dish is something you wouldn’t want to skip when in Hyderabad.

  1. Boti Kebab

Boti Kebab
These marinated muttons cooked with garden fresh herbs will make you droll all the way from plate to mouth while these soft kebabs vanish smoothly in your mouth. A popular starter though but who cares, try it for the mains too!

  1. Malai Korma

Malai Korma

A great vegetarian delight to try. This extra creamy dish with sour tomatoes, lots of cream and coriander leaves to add up to the glamour and taste of the dish, is what is a not to skip dish in Hyderabad. However, you can get malai korma anywhere else but the taste and authenticity Hyderabadi Malai Korma promises is nowhere to find.

  1. Mirchi ka Salan
    Mirchi ka salan

A palatable medley of green chilies, peanuts and coconut will raise you to an unforgettable taste ride leaving you asking for more. This spicy dish accompanied with the flavor and fabulous taste of refreshing coconut is what is toothsome to the core.

  1. Keema Samosa

Keema Samosa Love samosas? Try this! Samosas filled with keema (minced mutton) are real partners for a perfect snack. This variety of samosa is very different from the ones that you keep trying occasionally. The aroma of the spices added simply tickles and satisfies the taste buds.

  1. Murgh do Pyaza
    Murgh do Pyaza

Take a bowl full of this extremely flavorsome dish and open doors to the authentic lanes of Hyderabadi ziaka. This chicken recipe with fresh spice will melt in your mouth while you are getting prepared to other the second bowl of this lip smacking dish. Do add this in your list when in Hyderabad next time.

  1. Burani Raita
    Burani Raita

A delicious recipe or side dish with that extra hint of fried garlic, order this along with any biryani that you wish to enjoy. The amazing taste of this raita is well matched to any rice dish that you plan to eat.

  1. Paaya

If you haven’t tried paya yet, you are seriously missing on taste. Cooked with goat trotters and roasted spice. This hard to deny dish is all packed with taste and aroma. Try with some steamed rice to enhance the taste.

  1. Hyderanbadi Marag

Often served as starter, this spicy mutton soup is prepared from tender mutton with bone. The soup is thin in texture and sure is an alluring appetizer. A good start to all the mouthwatering dishes coming up next to your table.

  1. Sheer Khurma
    Sheer Khurma

‘Milk with dates’ is what you call Sheer Khurma in Persian. With all those kebabs and biryanis, if you’re almost in the verge of winding your meal, wrap it up with a sweet note. Try this sheer khurma which is a vermicelli pudding loaded with dates and milk with a aromatic creamy texture.

That was the list of some of the best loved Hyderabadi dishes to try. So don’t just droll, try the list!

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