Spain heists its briskness and color from its European neighbors as well as the Mediterranean. The elements so taken were engulfed into the culture so well that a visitor is sure not to miss its remnants. If you are someones who are eager to visit Spain, be assured that a lot is waiting to be served on your platter. While you figure out its local art, architecture, and romance, you would surely be drawn to these things that are only found here in western Europe and nowhere else and are alluring in their own way.

Extravagant Souvenirs From Spain That You Will Love

1. Embroidered Shawl

Embroidered Shawl

The shawls made in Spain and heavily embroidered, are not fine but well-structured in design. Bold and contrasting colors are heavily donned by the fans of this clothing piece. There are also the ones with fringes on one end which explains why they were exclusively worn by local ravishing flamenco dancers. If you have a taste for handicrafts, this can find a place in your bag.

2. Mallorca Pearls

Mallorca Pearls

A rich and sophisticated look often misses a timeless pearl necklace that is not only refined but also elegant-looking. Coming from the Mallorca Islands of Spain, these pearls are exquisitely beautiful to be a part of your antique collection or jewelry box, whatever you please. All in all, they are well-loved objects of beautiful women in Spain and Europe at large. Mallorca pearls feel luxe on the skin hence, don’t shy away from gifting them to someone special.

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Indigenous Pottery

The ceramic culture of Spain is a variously celebrated craft and to get a glimpse of the same, you can shop for ceramic pots once you are here. First, they can be used as décor pieces for your home or someone else’s if you gifted them. Second, they can be used as storage options, Third, they can become the center of attraction when you put flowers into them. If you have an eye for fine things in life, this is what will speak the loudest to you.

4. Spanish Fan

Spanish Fan

A fancy fan is fun to play with! Here, in Spain, you are bound to get many opportunities of buying one for yourself and for your group mates. You must have seen these big fans being used by flamenco dancers when they show their abruptly thrilling moves. That, makes you stay glued to their art and things apart from art! Fans come bigger than usual, made of cloth or net, and are rich in designs. Many times they are embroidered too or are donned with pictures.

5. Cheese of La Mancha

Cheese of La Mancha

The cheese of the land of La Mancha is procured by processing from sheep milk. Since it is pressed-curd cheese, the sour taste is noticeable and as it ages, it gets denser and nuttier. A great gift to your mom or yourself if you like the idea of Spanish being on your plate every day. Be reminded of your wonderful trip every day by taking some of this cheese along when you fly back home. Europe’s cheese-making passion reflects in its many corners!


So, these were the list of items that you can find in Spain. They are exceptionally pleasing to the eyes, worthy of your love, and great objects of ornamentation that will pay off for sure. Hence, you can categorize them easily as your best investments ever. Wishing to flaunt your lofty trip? Make space for more Spanish pottery examples in your home and place them as extra additions, nobody asked for them, but now they look fundamentally unavoidable. Gift some reminiscences to a beloved and provide them with your everlasting mindful presence.

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