Items You’d Bring Home From Your Africa Trip

African shopping centers have a variety of things that you would love to have a look at and you would, for sure, want to explore the markets and get a glimpse of African affinity with nature and their culture. You will see things in their best existence for obvious reasons. On your next trip to the beautiful continent, we’d recommend you trace down the following items of purchases that will be great if you brought them back home for your use, gift somebody, or beautify your home.

This stuff is not only made there but also endemic in its concept, meaning you can not find items that are authentic anywhere else in the world.


1. Maasai Bead Necklace

Maasai Bead Necklace

This necklace is made out of Maasai beads. These beads are fine and are very brightly colored. This is why the people of Africa use it to make their jewelry. The bead necklace is made fringy and stringy, creating movement. You can easily wear them to parties or beach hangouts or gift them as a souvenir to your sister or a close friend. They can be as gaudy or as fine as you want them to be. The beads are colorfully arranged in great fashion in differing lengths and can add intensity to your visceral.

A very staple of African women used creatively.

2. Old Wine Bottle

Old Wine Bottle

A place called Constantia in South Africa has been selling wines for ages. Its fanbase is so deeply enriched by its flavor that the locals recommend this purchase profusely. Its flavor had made the European traders satisfactorily addicted. Enjoy a good drink? Buy this old bottle of fine wine for yourself or a close friend, and you will never regret it.

3. Amarula


Made from Marula fruits of Africa, cream, and sugar, this rich and decadent drink is an absolute heart warmer. This also makes for a great gifting option and a fabulous food addiction. People like to enjoy it with cocktails, coffee, or shakes, you can do that too! Its distinct taste is a delight for your tastebuds and your friends. If you are looking for a twist in the way you have your drinks, it will be great to experiment here!

4. Wooden Bags

Wooden Bags

A unique handicraft from the verdant continent is the handmade wooden bag. With exquisite detailing done by fine wooden sticks, these bags would be an instant attraction for African tourists like you who has an eye for exotic things. You are likely to pull it now and then. Apart from taking it as a gift for someone, this has to be carried to the beach or for outdoor lunch.

Another type is done from wooden pieces beaded together to form carry bags or handbags. These are darker than the previous type, much sturdier, and larger in capacity.

5. Leather Bags

Leather Bags

Africa will present you with authentic leather bags to you that will sustain wear and tear for a longer time. This is because many countries in Africa make bags out of 100% leather. Their color is richer, more varied, and textured which is why they can easily become part of your wardrobe. This African handicraft is well exported to other continents and branded there.


Your shopper instinct would eventually land you in the most bustling market spots of your destination and without fail, you will catch the glimpse of certainly beautiful and organically colorful things to buy. After you have had a taste of these beauties you are sure to be enlightened by the essence of nature captured in them and find them amusing to your luxury. Add them to your cart next time you are running the African streets.

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