Sri Lanka is a place like no other; it has golden beaches, myriad national parks, abundant wildlife, beautiful temples, and different types of tea. It is quite rare to find a place that has a little bit of everything to offer, and for that reason, Sri Lanka is incredibly popular among travelers and is visited by huge flocks of visitors every year. Visiting Sri Lanka can be a truly wonderful experience; you just have to determine the places that are worth visiting and those that are not.

Much like any other country in this world, Sri Lanka has certain rules, beliefs, and customs, you don’t want to flout any rule or do anything that may end up offending the locals. Hence, it’s always a good idea to some research about the country prior to your visit, which will help minimize the possibility of your trip going wrong. If you want to ensure a hassle-free experience in Sri Lanka, then make sure to follow these essential travel tips.

You have to get your visa ahead of your visit

Unlike most Asian countries, Sri Lanka doesn’t offer visas upon arrival. You will have to get it ahead of your visit. The online process to apply for a visa is hassle-free, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. The visa is valid for 30 days, and the application fee is also quite minimal. Just make sure to apply for the visa ahead of your visit and bring a soft or hard copy of the same to show it to the authorities upon your arrival in the country.

Bargain before riding on a tuk-tuk

One of the many things to keep in mind when taking a ride on tuk-tuks is the drivers tend to overcharge, especially if they know that you are a tourist. The best way to learn about the basic fares is to confirm it with three or more locals. If the driver is overcharging you, you can try to bargain, but make sure to do it calmly and respectfully. Since they make living out of driving tuk-tuks, they try to overcharge the tourists as they tend to be unaware of basic fares.

Relish Sri Lankan cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine may not be as popular as Italian or Chinese, but it is delicious enough to get yourself to taste some of its most popular dishes. Rice and dhal curry, pol sambol, kottu rotty, egg hoppers are some of the most common and popular dishes to try in Sri Lanka, other than being so delicious, they are also pretty affordable. Additionally, Sri Lanka offers an assortment of lip-smacking seafood, so make sure to try that out as well.

Sri Lanka is an excellent destination for solo female travelers

Most of the travel destinations in the world aren’t considered safe for solo female travelers, but that isn’t really the case with Sri Lanka. You will be surprised to learn how safe Sri Lanka is for everyone, including solo female travelers. Since Sri Lankans are known to be very polite and respectful, you won’t be facing any safety issues. And if some stranger is trying to approach you, you can politely refuse them. Also, try to dress sensibly and always keep one of the hotel staff or a family member aware of your whereabouts.

Choose the right season to travel

The weather in Sri Lanka pretty much remains constant throughout the year, but the best time to visit this country is between December and May. It tends to get pretty hot between the months of June and November, so if you want to avoid that, then you should plan your trip any time between December and May.

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