Festivals to Catch in Australia

Local festivals are celebrated in a beautiful and fiesty way. Just like any other corner of the world that is inhabited by people, you are going to find yourself in festive chaos in Australia most likely if you are here during spring or autumn. The likelihood of you drooling over the enthusiasm is also triple folds.
Australia enjoys a huge gulp of festivals of different kinds like music festivals, food festivals, aesthetics, etc. and they all find some showcase through the very stage. Following are some of the suggestive festivals you would love to thrive on here. Come and join the Aussies in their best moods!

Festivals to Catch in Australia

1. Byron Bay Bluesfest

Byron Bay Bluesfest

This one is a music festival that is celebrated lavishly in Byron Bay. Bluesfest is world-renowned for its extent and pomp. Many celebrities and commoners come to celebrate the music of the blues and roots genre and people appreciate the evergreen noise that echoes for long after the event. Your favorite bands come here to rejoice with you while you try to match their energies. The radiant pomp is served during the month of April. Expect a lot of food and drinks option for yourself and your companions. You may check the list of bands before heading to Byron Bay.

2. Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Melbourne International of Australia organizes many festivals that keep lingering on the minds of fellow Aussies and it is pretty hard to take your mind off because of the humungous variety of events that takes place under the same brand. There is music, comedy, film, games, and whatnot! If you ever had to try one that would promisingly lift you, go for the comedy festival for that kick. You are never disappointed in a comedy show where you are sure to be given many reasons to smirk and laugh. Watch out for yourself. Bring in the freshest stock of okes with you!

3. Moomba Festival

Moomba Festival

Moomba festival has some traditional roots that you would love to see from close. The people march around the streets in colorful dresses in Moomba on the Yarra River. The 4-day pomp and show are loaded with fun and entertainment where comedy is delivered in different forms, all shining through. You also see ample food outlets nearby to help yourselves when you crave something saucy mid-show. Melbourne is lit up for tourists and it begins to garner a great amount of love for its very atmosphere. Every year, a Moomba Monarch is crowned too.

4. Darwin Festival

Darwin Festival

Leave the eateries aside, the glittery show is a thing of beauty. The Darwin Festival is artsy from every angle possible. Held in the winter season, the event is based on much of the cultural roots that happen to engulf in itself the many facades of art and cultural programs. You get a full package here. The festival park is very well-lit and organized. Many tents, stages, retail cabins, seating areas, etc. are built for the comfort of tourists.


These are extremely fun-filled festivals that are celebrated in Australia every year. One might wonder what this corner of the Asia-Pacific holds for them but coming down to Aussie land one realizes the many colorful things unfolding one by one and the festivals are appropriate representations of the same vigor. The more engaging you are in the local sphere, the more exciting the festivals will become for you so try being nice to the locals first. Then gently push yourself into the festival mood with the right dressing up, slurping down street foods, music, and hype and you would be a great fit instantly!

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