Egypt is a country full of history and stunning places. This is the country where you could learn about the civilizations centuries ago and also get to enjoy modern life. Getting some gifts and souvenirs here is not a difficult task as travelers get intrigued by the culture and art of this country so much that they love to take a piece or so representing Egyptian art and work with them back home. There are so many options you can look for when you are thinking of items to take back with you as a memory and also as gifts to your family and friends back home. Explore the places and local markets and get authentic things from here to make more of your trip. Here are some of the souvenirs that you can get in Egypt.
1: Miniature of pyramids

Miniature of pyramids

Egypt is famous for its pyramids and thus this can be an ideal souvenir to take with you. You can get miniature pyramids from many stores and shops in Egypt. There are many beautiful pyramids, some with simple looks, some with ancient paintings over them depicting a story. You can use them as a paperweight or can display them in the house. You can also gift it to someone interested in pyramids. You can get other miniatures as well such as sphinx and other historic monuments.
2: Cartouche


This is another famous gift that you can get when you are in the country, this is an oval-shaped metallic piece that has engravings on it. You can see these on the walls of many temples and can see that they are now an ideal form of souvenir. You can get them to form a seller and can even get your name in the Hieroglyphic alphabet engraved on the cartouche. Get these unique and authentic gifts for your near and dear ones with their name engraved on them.
3: Papyrus Paintings

Papyrus Paintings

Papyrus was used in the Egyptian civilizations to write and maintain records. You can now get the one that has an Egyptian painting on it. This is a cheaper and more affordable version of the original one. You can get this one from a lot of shops here in Egypt or can even get the original kind from very specific makers. They are sold with different kinds of paintings and writings on them and also comes in various shapes. You can get and decorate your interior with one.
4: Jalabiya


This is the traditional outfit of Egyptian people and can be worn by everyone irrespective of gender. These are the traditional clothes that people in the villages wear. Not many in the city wear this but it is good to get one for yourself and dress like the locals. You can either buy one when you are still traveling around or can buy it as a souvenir to take back with you. You can also gift it to someone who likes traditional clothes.
5: Perfume


Egypt is the country that produces some alluring scents at are used by perfumiers across the globe. This is the country that has a such wide variety of perfumes and essential oils. You can get beautiful fragrances here and can even get a scent made for you. You can go to local shops as well where they create replicas of expenses scents. Make sure to get yourself essential oils as a sovereign as well when you are looking for perfumes.


There are so many authentic Egyptian things that can be taken as a souvenir with you as a memory of the time you spend here. You can go to local markets and get several items there or you can go to the souvenir shops and look for gifts that you can take back with you for your near and dear ones. There are so many options for you to select from apart from the ones mentioned in this list. You can go for classic items such as fridge magnets, posters, badges, and other things if you want to. Get the best of things for your family and friends and show them a part of your culture and lifestyle as well as the Egyptian civilization.

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