Visiting Singapore is like sprinkling glitz and glamour to your entire itinerary. Singapore is among the most modern nations in the world which is growing at the fastest pace. Although, the nation is small in size but it impeccably satiates the thirst of wanderlust. The delicious cuisine, unique culture, stunning vistas, living history, magnificent preservation of nature the place is a perfect spot to delight in. Sauntering around the island nation is soaking with once in a lifetime experience. The top-attractions of the country will pack your itinerary with a uniquely special experience each time you will explore.

Punctual transportation, friendly people, nocturnal sites, cultural diversity, vibrant lifestyle, world-class shopping experiences, cheap lodging all these peculiar traits make it a perfect addition to your bucket-list. Though the island-nation is quite small in size but still to explore the quintessential Singapore we have listed a complete site-tour so that you can make the best of your visit to Singapore.


Stroll around the Marina Bay Waterfront

This is the perfect spot to experience the vibrant night-life of Singapore. The mist sprays falling from the waterfront relieves whosoever visits it. The twinkling buildings visible through the splash of water make the place a beautiful ecstasy. The waterfront is open 24/7 and has a free entry ticket which makes it a perfect moment to spend without splurging. The site offers really fun activities without making you spend fortunes. You can also visit The ArtScience Museum which is a lotus-designed museum, dwelling 21 galleries to explore.

It is the best spot if you are traveling with your family as children can frolic near the fountain. It would not be wrong to mention that actually, the place serves everyone irrespective of gender and age. A couple can relish a romantic walk, solo-travelers can enjoy the tranquillity the site offers, old-age can walk steadily and enjoy the vibrant vibe the place spells. It has something for everyone.


Unwind in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic garden stretches to an area of 52 hectares mainly consisting of various flowers and forests. The Botanic Garden is Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The garden is home to more than 1,000 orchid species which makes it the main tourist attraction.

The garden also exhibits a ginger garden with more than 100 types of gingers, a rainforest, a range of streams, and stunning waterfalls. It’s a perfect place to spend and unwind your life from stress. That’s the main reason we love to travel. Moreover, the entry is free so that you can spend free moments in Singapore and save for something else. Also, it’s open daily from 5 am-12 am, a perfect place to explore Singapore’s natural preservation.


Visit Sri Mariamman Temple

The best way to explore the cultural diversity of Singapore is to glaze at its religious temples and Sri Mariamman Temple is finest of all. The temple was constructed in 1827 making it the oldest Dravidian style Hindu Temple. According to the Dravidians, Mariamman was a goddess known for curing fatal illnesses and ailments.
Besides displaying the religious aspect of Singapore it also gives you a dive into the history as back in time this temple was a major hub for communal activities. The temple is open every day from 7 am-12 pm and 6 pm-9 pm.


Go Offbeat at Pulau Ubin

The island gives you a sneak-peak into the local Singaporean life. The place is incredibly different from the modern city and is a perfect offbeat destination. With so much technological advancement people still here use diesel for electricity generation and fetch water from wells. The place offers a perfect spot to unwind ourselves from the usual life and give technology a break.

You can rent a bike to explore village life and beaches. Spend your one-two days in a local lodge and explore the beauty of nature from the start.

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