Chicago has a large number of luxury hotels, and choosing one from them can be a challenging task for you. By listing some of the best hotels in Chicago, we have made your search easy. The hotels below are all luxurious in every term. Some of the hotels have a spa that offers a unique and remarkable experience to their guests. The guests who have visited and stayed in these hotels have given it a good-to-go review. Chicago has a lot of attractions, so seeing each and every location takes work. You need to stay in a hotel where every interest is easily accessible. But it needs to be the best in terms of looks and service.

Here are Some Top Hotels in Chicago

1. The Peninsula Chicago

The Peninsula Chicago The Peninsula Chicago Hotel is the city’s most beautiful and luxurious hotel. The rooms in this hotel have innovative tablet technology for easy access to lights, fans, and even curtains to give you an ambiance according to your mood. The staff of this hotel is so dedicated to their guests and visitors. The hotel gives you memories for your Instagram and FB. The hotel has a delicious mouth-watering menu from veg to non-veg, according to your preference. Talking about the price, the hotel is a bit on the expensive side, but it offers more than what you are paying.

2. Waldorf Astoria

Waldorf Astoria Chicago is full of attractions and activities, so if you are planning to visit Chicago, you must choose a hotel whose amenities will make your visit even better. The hotel has a swimming pool with a spa facility for the guests. The hotel is known for its delicious meals and discounts, which it offers according to seasons and events. The property is established in a vast area of 14,000 square feet, with an indoor pool. The hotel is located near the Viagra Triangle. The relaxing jacuzzis and saunas are also there for you. It has a total of 214 rooms.

3. The Langham

The Langham The Langham Hotel is located at 330 North Wabash Avenue. The property has a gorgeous entry, and golden accents elevate the interior of the lobby. The hotel has a massive number of dedicated teams who are always there at your service. The hotel has a vast swimming pool with a spa and a jacuzzi. The visitors often take rooms with an attached balcony to get a beautiful city view. The window is large, which gives the occupants an airy feel. 

4. The Hoxton

The Hoxton

The Hoxton Hotel is situated at 200 N Green St, Chicago. The hotel consists of around 200+ rooms with around 30 suites. The hotel rooms are big and sufficient for everyone who wants to stay. The hotel has a big swimming pool and a spa. The staff of the hotel is trained so well that you don’t have to face any difficulty during your stay in the hotel. The interior of the hotel has Italian flooring with a beautiful chandelier hung on an adorable false ceiling. Make sure to book your room in advance because it is somewhat busy during special events and occasions.

5. Moxy Chicago Downtown

Moxy Chicago Downtown The Moxy Chicago Downtown is located at 530 N. Lasalle Drive, Chicago. The hotel consists of 156 bedrooms, with a swimming pool and spa. Some of the bedrooms even have a bathtub fitted into the washroom, and fast Wifi is also there for you during your stay. The staff is adequate and ensures a 100% satisfaction rate in terms of food, cleanliness, room service, and other services. Moxy Chicago has a pocket-friendly tariff for the rooms, with almost every amenity possible. The hotel has a delicious menu for both types, whether vegetarian or non-veg. Booking is advisable before going to Chicago.

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Whether you are looking for a hotel that provides almost all the amenities or you are looking for a pocket-friendly hotel, each one of them has a unique feature. Choosing one form aloof these is challenging. The hotels we have mentioned are not only on the basis of their rating, but our dedicated team has gone through all the hotels in detail. The Hotels here are some of the best staying options for you If you are seeking the best. Booking in advance is advisable.

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