Perth is geographically blessed by scenic beaches and peaceful serendipity of isolated city life that enjoys warm and sun-filled summers and calmer winters. The city makes for a perfect city lifestyle where the aggression of the weather is never felt by its proximity to the ocean and hence the beaches come as a joyful escape for the natives and the tourists. The beaches in this city are much greener and cleaner because not many people have exploited this region and also because the government has been cautious of its upkeep.

Relish the joy of sunbathing experience with these 5 beaches in Perth

1. Trigg Beach

Trigg Beach

This beach in Trigg suburb is one of the crowded ones but worry not, it has its calmer hours too. If you want to catch the sunrise or sunset, travel experts highly recommend hanging out here. The changing colors of the water from blue to green to sea green or deeper green have a bewildering impact on onlookers and the waves look appallingly breathtaking. The sunset view looks fabulous with the glittering waters that become less restless. The waves, though, are not very high but good enough for little fun sports.

2. Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough is a well-developed seaside haven. So, it comes with possibilities for other fun activities too. Local guides recommend the place as great for hanging out with family. There are grill eateries, grass-laid spaces for having a restful evening hangout with your friends or yourself, a playground for kids, and also a soundless public pool. It attracts big crowds but it never seems overwhelming because of its organization and keep up and also because it is so spacious.

3. Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach

Tourists love this beach for its utter cleanliness and the beach is counted as the most loved of all. It is lusher, more contrasting, the water remains green at the front but seems to change into a cerulean hue further and farther. Filled with several off-center art pieces and mini monuments, this beach makes for a picturesque outing affair for tourists. It lies in a very vast expanse so feels quiet most of the time. The snorkeling option is also available here!

4. Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island

It takes some one hour from Perth to reach this small blessed island. It is one engaging island with incredible flora and fauna. Friendly temperature is often accompanied by humidity, but there are many things to do here. Snorkeling and fishing remain at the top. You can also swim in low waters here and there for ultimate relaxation in the hot and humid surroundings. It is suggested to pack lightly to feel overburdened with clothes you might not need, instead, take on some snacking options for there aren’t many eateries here.

5. Coogee Beach

Coogee Beach

Situated in New South Wales, the main attraction lies in the geometric rock pools developed in its blue vicinity with a unique touch. Local eateries only add to the beach, making it more colorful and full of liveliness. The food is great! Necessities are well-taken care of here, you will find free lockers, clean toilets, useful shops and above all, the transportation services are quite a comfortable find. This one is a Sydney native’s best friend.

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Bottom Line

This beach city lies in Western Australia, more to the south. It is famous for its calm city life being one of the last cities at this latitude, comes out still as the best option for someone planning to move there permanently. If beaches are your thing, white sands and clear skies with occasional marmalade hue pull you humbly, or are too full of continental life or surfing the plateaus for years, this can essentially give you the break you have been needing.

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