Azerbaijan is a small country with huge possibilities. This Asian realm embodies many cultural flavors which can surpass any magnificent edifice. As you go through the list of 5 places you should visit here, you’ll be enticed by the fact that it has everything that you’d ever want to see in one trip! Astounding historical spots and unmatchable natural green cover awaits you as plan your next holiday. Come make yourself feel at home with unparalleled and at-ease hospitality and congeniality.

1. Ateshgah, Baku

The name comes from the word ‘Atesh’ meaning fire and ‘gah’ meaning place. This is one of the major tourist attractions that served as a locus for many different regions but currently holds more value for the Zoroastrians, hence the importance attached to ‘fire’. The temple enthralls its admirers with its distinctive simplicity and quiet demeanor. It houses an eternal fire, signifying the cultural practice of the community. It is a one-of-a-kind complex. People attach a lot of socio-religious importance to it and hence pilgrims from different parts of the world are drawn here.

2. Tufandag Mountain Resort

It’s a ski resort in Azerbaijan covering Caucasus Mountain and related activities for the adventurous. This one is for a fun-loving you because of the wide array of thrilling activities you can get yourself into. Besides this, be ready to be blown away by the spectacular scenic beauty you’ll go through when you are staying here. The mountains, topped by encircling soft clouds and the wind will rejuvenate you for the rest of your trip. The resort is filled with fresh vibes as it is situated amidst a blue haven away from the crowd and menace. Hold tight!

3. Palace of Shirvanshahs, Baku

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this mausoleum has some phenomenal masonry that indeed set a benchmark for its time. It is one of the best-kept medieval beauties of Azerbaijan that speaks the language of the culture it upheld in the past as it does now. The various sections were built throughout a period and were taken under state protection in 1964. It presents a marvelous work of the Shirvan-Absheron architectural school which is evident in and across west Asia. As a palace, it encloses many different avenues like a mausoleum, Diwan Khana, bathing area, etc.

4. Hammams

Hammams could be found all over Azerbaijan so to put all confusion in place. Hammams are a very west Asian traditional bathing concept tailored to suit the comforts of the queens of the past. Soothe yourself as you bathe with royalty and a customized bathing routine. Put on your robe and see the hammam attendant bring life back into the tiresome with his expert hands. There is nothing more complimenting to your trip that relaxing this bit.

5. Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

One of the most significantly flourishing tourist attractions is this museum which catches the heritage of the country intricately. The superstructure hits you with its creative embodiment of ‘carpet’, hence the name. It displays many authentic pieces of carpet work, an Asian handicraft that has survived the test of time, among applied art examples. The elaborate pieces of carpet and rugs are finely traditional, which is why it holds so much cultural importance, a staple in many offbeat eastern homes.

There are many sensational spots across Caspian but your journey through this country would pay off as you pass through the vivid nature that it rents from the nearby waters. If you’re in for a worldwide view of Azerbaijan, don’t miss these 5 spots. Bon, voyage!

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