Cafés in Paris

Paris is among one of the world-famous tourist attractions, apart from the exquisite Eiffel Tower this place offers its tourists with a lot more.  Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world and this fashion-forward city is not just limited to the breathtaking views or setting up new fashion trends but is also very famous for its finger-licking food. The cafés in Paris are something you wouldn’t want to miss when you are in the city. The luxurious interiors, first-class service, and obviously the great food these cafés offer you are worth it.

Parisian café culture is an everyday experience that involves getting together with friends and acquaintances and chit-chatting while sipping coffee. The history of cafés goes back to the 17th century when coffee was introduced in Paris, and that gave rise to the establishment of the cafés. Soon in the 18th century, a real explosion of the cafés in Paris was seen. Earlier they were only reserved for men, where they would exchange news information and discuss political matters. With time these cafés became more casual, and women were welcomed here as much as men. The café of Paris transitioned to a more relaxed place for social gatherings. Now let’s look into some of the famous cafés of Paris that are worth the Hype.

Paris Cafés that You Cannot Miss

1. Les Deux Magots

Les Deux Magots

Les Deux Magots is one of the most famous Parisian cafés. This historic café opened in 1885 and since then it has been serving its customers with top-notch food and coffee. This café is located in the Saint-Germain area of the city. Through all these years it has been visited by many famous writers, artists and philosophers, like Albert Camus, James Joyce, Ernest Hemmingway, etc. The café created a literary price of its own which it gives to up-and-coming French writers every year since 1933. Les Deux Magots is like an elite club where you can only go with an invitation or a reservation otherwise not. Expect massive coffees and the out-of-the-world ambiance from this place.

2. Café de Flore

Café de Flore

Café de Flore is one of the oldest coffeehouses in Paris. Opened in the 1880s, this café has maintained its vintage interior and food quality. This café is situated right across the street from Les Deux Magots. The vintage interior of the café has large mirrors, long red booths and small street-side tables. This café has been visited by many famous personalities like Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, it is believed that it was their favorite café. People like the ambiance of the café better than its food, the interior heaters of the café make it feel more like home to its customers.

3. La Palette

La Palette

According to many people La Palette is the best outdoor café in Paris. This café is perfect for people who are passionate about art and is a must-visit for them. It is also confirmed that Picasso also visited here on multiple occasions and this was one of his favorite cafés, not just him but many more A-list celebrities also visit here. Despite being popular and the city’s favorite café, this place has maintained its old charm. Experience good quality food and ambiance at La Palette when you are next in Paris.

4. Le Select

Le Select

Founded in 1923, Le Select quickly became a hub for the artistic and literary community of Paris, particularly during the 1920s and 1930s. It was a favorite spot for notable figures like Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, and many others who frequented the café to socialize, exchange ideas, and enjoy intellectual conversations. La Select is quite an affordable place and not very overpriced. This iconic café along with some other cafés like La Dôme, La Rotonde, and La Coupole is located on Boulevard Montparnasse.

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In the vibrant tapestry of Parisian culture, few experiences capture the essence of the city quite like its iconic cafés. Stepping into these hallowed establishments is like embarking on a sensory journey through time, where the echoes of artistic discussions, intellectual debates, and whispered romances still linger in the air. Amidst a sea of choices, a handful of cafés rise above the rest, transcending mere tourist attractions to become veritable pilgrimages for those seeking an authentic taste of Parisian life.  As we traverse the labyrinthine streets of Paris, these cafés stand as bridges between past and present, inviting us to sip from the cup of history while savoring the present moment. So, whether you’re an artist seeking inspiration, a scholar yearning for discourse, or a traveler in search of an authentic experience, these cafés are more than worth the hype – they are essential chapters in the grand narrative of Paris.

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