If we had to define Dubrovnik in one sentence, it would be medieval cathedrals, old museums and commendable architecture on every corner. Dubrovnik is a central place full of historic chapters and gorgeous attractions that are totally unmissable. Being in Dubrovnik will give you the most amazing time of your vacation. Check out what you can do while you are in Dubrovnik!


Explore the City Walls

Dubrovnik’s City Walls are one of the most popular attractions in Croatia and you cannot come back without exploring this place. These gothic walls are so amazing that they are one of the reasons why Croatia was recognized on the UNESCO listing. These white limestone walls are literally the best feature here that you must have spotted in the Game of Thrones series. These gigantic walls are as high as six meters and thus make for the best defense against invaders. Standing tall since the 10th century, these walls can be explored with guided tours as well as individually. They go on for an area of two kilometers and thus, make for the best time to stroll around and enjoy the vibes. The view from this place is just so picturesque that you will love to gaze at it. These views are all scattered on the Adriatic whose crystal blue waters will definitely grab your heart.


Enjoy the view from the Cable Car

Undoubtedly the best view of Dubrovnik can be seen from the crest of Mount Srd which is itself one of the most gorgeous spots in Dubrovnik. If you are here, you would love to gaze at this view because it looks so dreamy. Mount Srd is 412 meters above the city and thus, you can yourself imagine how gorgeous and panoramic this view would be. The best way to have a full view of this place is by a famous cable car that goes way to up to this Mount Srd. This orange cable car takes only four minutes to reach the top but it is totally worth it. You get the best views of Dubrovnik in these four minutes and they are totally unforgettable. This scaling slope will be a ride worthwhile. This should not be given a miss while you are in Dubrovnik.


Visit the Dubrovnik Cathedral

This cathedral is literally the most gothic place in Dubrovnik and the sole reason for this is the built and architecture. The architecture is truly worth seeing because it is a huge ensemble of baroque work. The intricate detailing, as well as the kind of minute work that is seen here, is unmissable. The artwork is commendable and the feeling is contagious. If you are in Dubrovnik, this place will grab your heart and you would love to attend the morning and evening prayers here. The artwork that this cathedral flaunts is not just any other regular thing. It flaunts Croatian as well as Italian artwork that deserves each and every bit if your appreciation. It is notable for its three aisles, three apses, and splendid interior decor!


Lovrijenac Fort

Another guarding place in Dubrovnik, this gorgeous fort is worth visiting for every tourist. Standing tall 40 meters above the crystal blue sea is this Lovrijenac Fort that is nothing but beautiful. This defensive fort has been an attraction here for a long time now and has survived its praise too. From the 11th century, this place has been a protector from the invaders and thus, holds historic significance. It is a gothic fort with old walls and vintage feels. Another feature that makes this one famous is the performance of Hamlet that takes place in this majestic venue during the summertime festival. You should definitely watch it and give yourself a treat.


Visit the Clock Tower

Clock Tower is also known as the Bell Tower and is a graceful 31 meters long medieval tower with all the possible vintage feels to it. This clock tower was built in the 15th century and that is why its architecture is commendable. Thus prominent landmark is located on Luza Square and is visited by a lot of localities and tourists all the time. This gorgeous bell tower features two strikers made in bronze called the ‘Zelenci’ or the ‘green men’ but locally they are called Maro and Baro. They form the mechanism of this clock and chime at noon every day. This is definitely a must-visit for everyone visiting Dubrovnik!

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