Known for a fascinating history and rich varieties of whisky, Scotland is a beautiful part of the United Kingdom that covers the northern third of Great Britain. Tourists come from afar to admire the beauty of this absolutely stunning place. The nation has a little bit of everything to offer to everyone. Tourists can indulge in all sorts of fun and adventurous activities that Scotland has to offer such as surfing, golfing, beach hopping, taking in the spectacular views of the rugged moors and white sandy beaches, etc.

Staycations are a great way to just unwind and relax, and if you have been yearning for one, then Scotland is one of the best places to consider. Whether you want to treat yourself to luxury or spend some time amidst nature, a Scottish staycation can be an incredible way to give yourself a much-needed break from everything.
If you are planning a Scottish staycation, then here are a few ways to make it more fun and wholesome.


Visit haunted castles

Want to witness the spooky side of Scotland? The haunted castles in Scotland are your best chance at exploring the eerie side of an otherwise beautiful country. Scotland is home to various castles, and they are an important part of this country’s heritage. Some of the castles in this country are believed to be haunted, and that includes Edinburgh Castle, Glamis Castle, Borthwick Castle, and much more. You can choose to take a tour of these castles while you are staycationing. This eerie adventure will definitely add a lot of thrill and spice to your staycation.


Get lost in the city of Edinburgh

Scotland is home to several lovely cities, and each one has something unique and interesting to offer, but if you want your staycation to be an ultimate one, then you should look no further than Edinburgh. Whether you want to go shopping or take a stroll around the cobbled streets of the city, Edinburgh has a lot of things to offer to tourists. Apart from that, you can also hike up to the Arthurs Seat to admire the breathtaking view of the city from high above.


Explore the national parks

Scotland’s beautiful national parks can be a treat for everyone; they are just waiting to be explored. Your trip to this country cannot be complete without visiting one or more of its national parks. The nation is home to a myriad of national parks, some are famous for natural beauty, some for having the perfect picnic setting, and some for enjoying long and relaxing walks. Trossachs National Park and Cairngorms National Park are two of the best options to consider. No matter which national park you choose to visit, you will find an abundance of accommodations to stay within.


Enjoy a boat trip

This one is for all the water babies out there, if you also love being surrounded by water, then you should definitely consider taking a boat trip. You will find plenty of places throughout the country to take a boat trip. But Loch Lomond, Loch Linnhe, and Loch Ness are some of the best places to take a boat tour.


Visit the Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is one of the most spectacular places in Scotland; you can have a really fun staycation at this place. Skye is especially popular among those tourists who are into outdoor adventure such as hiking, wildlife photography, kayaking, rock climbing, etc. If you want to explore the hidden gems on this island, then you can rent a bike or cycle to discover these places. In short, you won’t run out of things to see and do on Skye.

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