From quaint towns and vast wilderness expanses to breathtaking landscapes and the summit of New England’s highest peak, this is what New Hampshire is all about, and that certainly sounds quite interesting. With countless things to do here, New Hampshire serves as a one-stop destination and is therefore visited by all kinds of travelers on an annual basis. No matter which way you turn, you will always have a spectacular view to admire in the state, which is one of the many reasons why New Hampshire is incredibly popular among outdoor enthusiasts. While exhilarating amusement parks and attending outdoor concerts by the sea are some of the best things to do during the warmer months of the year in the state, winter turns this place into a wonderful spot for experiencing world-class cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

New Hampshire is a year-round destination, you will always find something to see and do here, no matter the season. If you are planning to visit the state anytime soon, then make sure to do these fun things to make your stay more incredible.


Explore the rugged White Mountains

The White Mountains are one of the best highlights of New Hampshire, they are not only known for their beauty or offering scenic views but are also incredibly popular among all the adventure enthusiasts out there. Boasting hundreds of miles of trails and other outdoor activities, including mountain biking, climbing, fishing, hiking in summers and snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and skiing in winters. Other than that, you can also explore Mt. Washington in this area.


Visit Hampton Beach

Looking to enjoy the sand and water of New Hampshire? Look no further than the state’s largest sandbox, Hampton Beach. Hampton Beach is incredibly popular among both locals and tourists alike, it’s open to the public and can be accessed free of cost. The beach tends to get quite busy during the warmer months of the year, apart from basking in the sun and enjoying watersports, visitors are provided with so many other options, including arcade, eateries, and plenty of other amusements. You will never have a dull day on the beach, there’s always something happening such as nightly concerts, headline performances, Monday movies, fireworks on Wednesday nights, and much more.


Visit Castle in the Clouds

Overlooking the Lake Winnipesaukee, Castle in the Clouds is one of the most fascinating places to visit in New Hampshire. The castle is open to the public for a specific period of time only. Boasting beautiful gardens overlooking the lake, this art and crafts-style mansion is worth the visit. The path leading to the castle is quite beautiful in itself; you will pass through several beautiful vistas. The interior of the property features period furnishings, and an art gallery displays several amazing works.


Explore America’s Stonehenge

If you like all things mysterious and are really intrigued by such things, then you should definitely explore America’s Stonehenge. It is an archaeological site in Salem that features uncanny man-made rock and stone structures aligned astronomically. It is still not clear who is behind the creation of this archaeological site. The site is believed to be over 4,000 years old; you will certainly have a great time exploring the site and the area surrounding it. Apart from that, you can also explore the megaliths in winter by renting snowshoes in this area.


Take yoga classes in the woods

Yoga is one of the keys to a healthy mind and body, it can be a relaxing activity, and if you want to indulge in some yoga, then New Hampshire gives you an excellent opportunity to enroll yourself into a six-week program that is organized during summer. One of the many things that set this program apart from others is its location. Instead of doing yoga in a yoga studio, you get to do it amid nature in the woods.

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