Western U.S.A.

The western region is known for its prairies, cattle, rocky mountains, and attachment to farms and the beautiful vicinity. The environment or the overall vibe radiating from this part of America has a very traditional American undertone that has developed westwards and is flourishing. If you are someone planning a trip across the western states and looking to explore the variety of foods and cultures, look no further as we take you through 5 dishes that are a staple here.

5 Western American Cuisine That You Must Try

1. Santa Marian Style BBQ

Santa Marian Style BBQ

Where to eat – Santa Maria

This stylized barbeque has its inspiration from feisty and celebrative settings where many people come together and enjoy their favorite foods while appreciating positivity and light. It is quick (people can’t wait because they are already gripped by the aroma) because of the easy-to-cook cuts of beef used over high flames. A green salad with some magic of tangy salsa compliments well the char of the red meat. Whole chickens are used well when flattened to cook easily on high heat.

2. Cioppino


Where to eat – San Fransisco

This stew captures the lively spirits of Hawaii people with freshly derived flavors of the sea and the wine ecstasy that is well established local feature. Appalling rich in taste, the sweet flavors from the fish, shrimps, and clams and the tangy flavor from tomatoes get married over heat to create a dazzling red-dripping concoction. It is for those beach days when you want to let go of stressors of the past and learn to live in the moment.

3. Pu Pu Platter

Pu Pu Platter

Where to eat – Hawaii

Expect your plate to be loaded with the heterogeneity of meats, folded and fried in crispy batter, each competing with the other in terms of taste and best texture. The platter consists of fried meat wontons, bbq pork ribs, shrimps, potatoes, meat dumplings, beef ribs, and calamari, all curved and stuffed onto skewers. These cooked cuts, whether fried, barbecued, or grilled, are meant to be heated up in the fire pot in the middle. All in all, it gratifies all your taste buds!

4. Poke


Where to eat – Hawaii

Poke is a sea-food-based salad where raw cube cuts of fresh salmon or tuna are tossed religiously with onions, spring onions, cucumbers, and herbs. The salad is drenched in light soy, sesame oil, and chili. The dish draws in a ton of delicious contrasts, the red of raw seafood, the greens of veggies, and the dark sesame seeds all befuddled and marinated in its seasoning ready to

5. Galbi


Where to eat – Los Angeles

The galbi is an American adaptation of Korean galbi and is somewhat synonymous with fajitas in terms of its craziness. The meat cuts used here, specifically, are the ribs. The ribs are cut across the bones multiple times to get small pieces of the same and are then smoked over a fire and smothered richly in bbq sauce. It has many a touch of Asian cooking. It is tossed like fajitas with onions, peppers, and ginger for ultimate flavor enhancement. Expect some scallion garnishing here and there.

Bottom Line

The foods are extremely aromatic, soothing, and mouth-watering, something you’ll crave for days. Fresh flavors are combined with fresh cuts of meats and coated with love to serve your big wild appetite. Be sure to take a mouthful bite of each one of these to be stunned by the mix of wildness and creativity!

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