Manhattan’s Top 5 Finest Hotels

Manhattan is a place full of happiness and love; people often come to this place to have a peaceful weekend. If you are visiting here for a long weekend, you must have a comfortable and beautiful place where you can enjoy your stay in Manhattan. The hotels listed below offer the best value for money and a remarkable experience. Manhattan is a popular destination situated in NYC, offering visitors good quality time. 

New York City is known as the Big Apple and is one the list of most popular destinations on earth. Choosing a perfect place to spend your weekend is a task, and we have made your decision easy by listing these hotels. The city has a lot to offer to its guests or visitors. Apart from hotels and their features, we have also discussed how practical it would be if you are staying in this hotel because it becomes easy for the visitor.

Some of the Best Hotels in Manhattan

1. The Park Hyatt Hotel

Manhattan The Park Hyatt Hotel Park Hyatt Hotel comes in first place when we talk about the best. The hotel has 210 luxury rooms and around 300 dedicated staff. The interior of the hotel is very well designed and the materials used in furniture, ceiling, and floor are up to the mark. If you are visiting NYC, you must book a room here. From here you will get a beautiful view of the central park. The windows are huge so that you get an airy feel and enjoy the beautiful weather and view.

2. The Plaza Hotel

Manhattan The Plaza Hotel The hotel is located on Grand Army Plaza, which adjoins Central Park with itself. All the tourist attractions are situated near the hotel. The staff is professional and always stays active at your service. The interior of this hotel is adorable, and everyone who visits there will love it. The property has 282 rooms, and they all are designed differently in 14 different styles. The furniture is in Italian style and has an antique French desk.

3. Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Hotel The property is located near Time Warner South Central Park, which is very popular in the city. The hotel offers 202 rooms with 46 suites. The interior and exterior are both beautiful in looks, and the rooms are designed in 11 different styles. The spa here is very famous, even in the city. The interior is beautified by mostly golden and purple color combinations. The area is also decorated by beautiful orchids. This is a perfect place where you will get facilities and memorable experiences for your life.

4. Lowell Hotel

Lowell Hotel The property is located on the Upper East side of the city. The hotel has a wide range of room styles, from park view rooms to city view rooms, it has all the variety. There are a total of 74 rooms in the hotel. The interior is beautified with wooden furniture with the use of silk. The hotel is famous for its great wide entrance where the staff will greet you. The garden suite is one of the most popular chosen suites of all However, standard rooms are also very adorable respectively.

5. The Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel Mark Hotel is located at Madison and 77th Street. It is a few blocks away from the central park and Museum Mile. The hotel has a modernized style and geometrical lines. The rooms are smart and equipped with advanced gadgets and fittings. The parking for the visitors is also sufficient and well-maintained. The staff is adequate and professional; they will be there at the service 24/7. The entrance has good bright light for welcome.

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The hotels we have mentioned are all short-listed from the hotels in New York City. Whether you are looking for a good view, good facility, or luxury, these hotels complete all your needs in terms of every aspect. NYC has a lot of hotels that offer great value for money, but choosing one from all of them is a difficult task, so we have to make your work easy by listing the best hotels from all. Be advanced and careful while booking the rooms because the availability may vary according to the season you are visiting in New York City. Enjoy the weekend.

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