Middle East Shopping List

The most affable shopping is done in the most amazing and bustling markets, not the fancy malls. The Middle East is a whole hub of beautiful landscapes supported by seas all around and exquisitely fun weather where you can shop for as long as you want. Having colorful shopping sprees is a dream of many especially when you know you are going to find beautiful stuff in a humungous variety of color, shapes, sizes, build, etc. Why don’t you plan a trip to the Middle East and see for yourselves? Here is a quick list to help you with the idea of what you should buy there.

Middle East Shopping List

1. Pomegranate Molasses

Pomegranate Molasses

Pomegranate is a much-adorned food item in the Middle East. It is often found decorating the local dishes made with love and a reactive approach. Hummus is well-loved with toppings of pomegranate kernels or molasses while pilaf, tabbouleh, and roast chicken prepared locally are often sprinkled with the kernels. Here, you can find the rich blood-red syrup made out of a pomegranate.

2. Fragrance


When you are in the region that practically brought fragrance to an international level, you can’t help but be lured to the idea of stocking up on oudh, bakhoor, and attars that the local perfumers specialize in. Be it body fragrance or for the home, Middles Eastern perfumes linger on and seem to never die off. The smell is not too strong but is made to stay on longer.

3. Carpets


Beautiful rugs and carpets are in your way when you are shopping here. The exquisitely fine collection that sets the benchmark for the rest of the world is found easily here. You will not fail to notice the refined handicraft of the place that speaks of beauty and luxury. Get hold of a carpet or two and see how it glorifies the spirit of your house.

4. Camel Milk Chocolate

Camel Milk Chocolate

Camels are the ships of the desert. The animal bears so much importance for the locals for it is used as transportation and for food. The milk procured from camels is considered so sweet that it can’t be left uncovered outside. It is very nutritious too and which is why you will find products made out of it. Here, you can get hold of camel milk chocolate too. Isn’t that special?

5. Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina shawls are renowned in the world for their silky smooth fabric texture which is made from luxurious Pashmina wool. The shawls are very lightweight, sheer, and effective against cold waves. You will see many people wearing the age-old craft over the chest and shoulders with pride. For the ones who feel a little decadent, the shawls are very intricately woven to include impeccable Asian designs.

6. Lanterns


The lanterns quickly uplift the atmosphere of any place. They are glaring and bright and the most beautiful pieces of decoration you will ever need. They don’t only beautify the place but also bring the colorful lights of your choice. You will get the best ones here so without a doubt, fetch one for your home too, preferably the designer metal ones or with stained glass.


The breathtaking routes of the Middle East are filled with the persona of true markets with so much variety that baffles anyone. If you are someone who savors good food with a rich aroma and fragrant spices, this place could be for you. While you indulge in significant shopping, you will notice how verified their art and craft are. And of course, the magnanimous architecture that is loved and admired by all. It is the full package, you can’t miss anything. The rivers, the plains, the plateaus, the seas, great food with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and much more. Come, busy yourselves with the full range of exotic shopping sprees.

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