If you are someone who loves traveling to a place where you can get a dose of history, rich architecture, rich culture, and festivals, with modern lifestyle and technology, then you must visit South Korea. South Korea is a beautiful country that is rich in history, culture, delicious cuisine and is one of those countries that have high technology and is famous for a lot of things such as kpop, supermarkets, the country natural beauty and many more. This country is friendly to its visitors and you can seek help and feel welcomed by the local people here.

If you seek to visit this beautiful country and are confused, what activities can you do to enjoy your time here then look at the list below and get to know about the things you should not miss when in South Korea.

Enjoy Seoul nightlife and karaoke

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and is also known to be famous for a lot of things. One of such things is its beautiful nightlife. You can visit clubs and bars at night and also enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful city. There are so many cafes scattered across Seoul and you must know Korean take their cafes a lot seriously and therefore they go with different themes for different cafes. You can have a fun party night when in Seoul. Make sure to end the night with some karaoke which the country is famous for. There are clubs especially of karaoke where you can sing and enjoy to your heart’s content.

Spend some time and explore Gwangjang market

A century-old market in the capital city Seoul has so much to offer to its visitor. This market is the one where you can get traditional Korean clothing and silk goods. You can get so many beautiful prints and patterns available at the market which you can use to create something beautiful and which you can combine with today’s style and create something that represents both traditions and modern times. This market is now also famous for street food. this market has all sorts of different Korean delicacies for you to try. You will miss the food the moment you stop eating. The food here is exceptionally delicious.

Visit Jeonju Hanok Village

If you are visiting Korea then this is one of the places where you must visit. This place is a Korean village where you can see buildings that are built in the traditional way which you see in some time period dramas. If you want to enjoy the traditional way of living in Korea and want to know about their history and traditions then visit this village. You can stay in one of these houses and taste the delicacies. You can even dress up in traditional clothes and experience this whole traditional way of living in Korea.

Explore the beauty of Jeju island

Jeju island is a getaway where most visitors enjoy a peaceful time. This place has a lot of beaches, museums and more. You can easily reach this place by either plane or by ferry. This place is on the southwest coast of the country. You can enjoy some coastal vibes and spend some time here on this island. You can also visit the Jeju Oreum which has this coned-shaped accumulation of volcanic material that forms small hills which are covered in grass. This is famous for treks and strolls and you can have a small trek on these. You can enjoy fresh seafood which can be said to be directly from sea to table on this island. You can have a peaceful getaway when on this island.

Now you know a little bit about what is a must-visit or must-do activities in this beautiful country. This country has so many tourist attractions and so many places to explore and so many activities to experience. Try to make a trip to this country and stay here for some period of time. A long vacation will not only provide you break from your daily life but will also help you explore this country properly and make a lot of memories.

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