Istanbul, a beautiful, culturally rich city that unites two continents. This is the city where Asia meets Europe and cultures blend together. This city has a large number of tourists attractions such as beautiful landscapes and sceneries to historical buildings. Stunning architecture, delicious food, and famous nightlife. This is the city where you explore the authenticity and historical stories around the city during the day and get to experience the grand nightlife with loud music and bright lights at night. Numerous tourists visit this place for its beauty and exotic things.

If you are planning on visiting this city then look at the list provided below to get an idea of where to go in the city, Istanbul.


Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia in Greek means Holy Wisdom. Once a church which then turned into a mosque which now is converted into a beautiful museum, Hagia Sophia attracts a large number of travelers every year. This museum contains the art and history of turkey. There are several artifacts, historical objects, and books in this ginormous museum. A masterpiece of famous Roman engineering this museum has a massive dome that has a 102 feet diameter. If you are interested in history that dates back to centuries then do visit this place that still stands beautifully.


Topkapi Palace

This palace was the official residence of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire. This is the place where history combines with alluring scenery. Once the official residence, now this place is a museum that displays the treasure of the Empire such as manuscripts, art, and jewelry. Most areas of the palace are open to the public. People can visit the palace and experience the place where the sultans used to reside. This place is adorned with lush gardens and a beautiful interior. Some highlights of the palace are the reflecting pool, harems, the exquisite tiles, and a lot more. 


Grand bazaar

If you love shopping, then this is the place for you. This bazaar is filled with about 5000 shops that sell everything from spices to sweets to jewelry, antiques, and many more. This bazaar was built in the 15th century and is known as one of the biggest marketplaces around the globe. You can get anything you want in this market. This market has some of the rarest items you can get such as coins or gems or even beautiful furniture that dates back some hundred years. This is the best place for shopaholics where you can learn so much about the history and culture of the place.


Balat and Fener

This is a famous traveler’s zone in Istanbul. Once the residential quarters of Jews and Greeks respectably this area is rich in heritage and culture. Balat is a fascinating area due to its vibrant cafes and shops that sell vintage products. This place has a lot of Jewish heritage and culture such as mosques and churches. In Fener, you can explore the authenticity of Greek cultures such as in churches and architecture. This place too has a lot of vibrant shops and cafes. You can visit churches and the cafes around in this area. Buy some antiques from the local shops and enjoy your time there.


Galata Tower

You can experience the famous and grand nightlife of Istanbul near this tower. This tower is about 220 feet tall. You can watch the alluring view of the city from the top of this tower. It has restaurants on the top where you can enjoy Turkish cuisine and the stunning city view at night. There are clubs and bars around the tower where you can have fun and enjoy the night. Visit this tower during the nighttime to get the best of experience.

These are some of the places you can visit when in Istanbul. Remember Istanbul is full of travelers spots with attractive sceneries and architecture with rich heritage and culture. Visit the famous city of Turkey and get to know about the lifestyle of the locals. Try Turkish cuisine especially the famous Turkish tea and the mouth-watering baklava and kebabs. Plan a trip to this place and enjoy your stay here. Do not forget to visit the stunning Turkish baths. 

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