Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination in South Asia. Also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean because of its shape and size, this island country is home to an array of gorgeous attractions that also comprise idyllic beaches. The stunning beaches have to be one of Sri Lanka’s best highlights. While some beaches are popular for offering a myriad of watersports, some are famous for their scenic views, and then there are also some that offer a mix of both watersports and stunning views. But if you want to ensure a lovely experience on the beach, especially when in the southern part of Sri Lanka, you should look no further than Unawatuna. This place is easily one of the most famous tourist spots in the country; it attracts plenty of visitors each year.

Unawatuna may not be an ideal spot for surfing, granting that the waves tend to be smaller and water remains pretty calm here, but this picturesque beach offers a sense of tranquility which cannot be experienced anywhere in the country, thereby making it perfect for swimming and families. Additionally, the beach offers a pretty relaxed and laidback vibe, which only adds to the charm of this place.


Use this blog post as a guide to planning your trip to Unawatuna.


The best time to visit

The rainy season isn’t exactly the best time to visit any beach, and when it comes to Unawatuna, this place witnesses most rain during the summer months, therefore, you shouldn’t plan your trip during summer. The mid of December is considered the peak season here, everything tends to get pricier by the beginning of January. If you want to avoid spending extra money and excess crowd in Unawatuna, then you should plan your trip in November.


How to get around

One of the best things about Unawatuna is you won’t really find the need to use public transport in order to get around this place. Although you can always take a ride on one of the many tuk-tuks available in the area, you will be happy to know that almost every place in this area can be easily accessed on foot. There is a paved access road that runs parallel to the beach; other than that, you can also choose to take a walk along the beach.


Places to stay

When it comes to picking accommodation in Unawatuna, you will have plenty of options to choose from. There’s no dearth of guesthouses and hotels in Unawatuna, you will easily be able to find good accommodation for yourself unless you are visiting during the peak season. The prices for accommodation tend to go up significantly as the place gets busier. And the prices can vary based on certain factors like the number of people, the way you are dressed, and the number of days you intend to stay here. If you are planning to stay here for a longer period, make sure to mention it to the concerned person, you may be able to secure a great discount.



Unawatuna is incredibly popular for its delicious seafood; you will get to choose from a vast range of options. While every restaurant on the beach claims to offer fresh seafood, there’s no guarantee that you will be actually served fresh seafood. Other than that, tuna is one of the most popular, ridiculously cheap, and delicious foods to try in Unawatuna. You can also relish some delicious barracuda.


Things to do

Like we mentioned earlier, Unawatuna doesn’t make an ideal spot for surfing or any other watersports as such, but it does make an excellent place if you want to experience relaxing and laidback vibes. Sunbathing, swimming, and taking in gorgeous views are some of the best things you can do on this beach.

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