For all those who are adventurous and have a zeal to travel around the world, this one is exclusively for you. Traveling is not just roaming on the streets of your destination but it is more about looking for some exhilarating experience everywhere you go. If you are someone who looks for adventure everywhere they go, we have the best-hiking destinations listed right here for you. Hiking is one of the craziest things you can do and if you are game for it, we have a bucket full of treasures for you. It will not only tap your potential but also get you out of your comfort zone. Once you get set on this journey, try and make the most of it! Get yourself in the first gear and start on a journey that won’t come to end any sooner. You will stay in this nostalgia for a long time and remember it for the rest of your lives. Have a look!

Inca Trail, Peru

This one is your kick! It is one of the most popular hiking trails in the world and we bet, you will have the most amazing experience of your life. This one will take you through the most inclines and declines with an exotic landscape in view. If you are up for this trail, you are going to have the best hiking ever. This one goes on for a distance of 26 miles till Machu Picchu and will not stop no matter what. With such picturesque views, you can do a lot here. Click some beautiful pictures and explore the beauty of the Inca trail at its best. It is a complete package of mountains and penetrating jungles. Visit between May and September for the ultimate expedition!

Appalachian Trail, US

Not an easy conquer but definitely worth the hustle! Welcome yourself to the longest continuously marked footpath in the world from Georgia to Maine! This one is sure to give you the thrills of your life with its views and pathways. There is so much you will get to explore in here because you go through at least 14 states in this one. Unbelievable, isn’t it? If you wish to go on this hiking trail, it will require a lot of planning and execution for obvious reasons. You ideally cover a distance of 2180 miles which is too much for one go. Be ready to set on the most hustling journey of your life.

Kilimanjaro, Africa

Who doesn’t know that Africa is the hub of adventure and unfolds some of the best hiking trails in its hills! If you are looking for wildlife while you set on a hiking trail, then this is definitely the best one. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is extremely popular because of so many varied alternative hiking paths. This is Africa’s highest peak sitting at a height of 19,340 feet with such spectacular views. If you set on this journey, you will be conquering about 35 miles through some beautiful trails. This is totally worth it and will be an achievement for sure! Plan your hiking trip around January and February for a great experience.

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Looking for one of the best trails with human diversity? Well, this one is popular for the same. There are a lot of amazing people who have made this hiking trail home for themselves. They enjoy every bit of the view and live in style. Since Everest is the highest point on earth, it is most visited covering about 70 miles. Be ready to face some cloudy mountains that are peeping right at you from the skyline. There is a good chance that you will freeze here because of really low temperatures. So pack accordingly and visit from March to May or September to November for an exciting trail.

Snowman Trek, Bhutan

Located in Bhutan, this one covers more than 200 miles with an experience never before. It has been called the hardest trail in the world because there are very few people who have actually conquered this one. So it will be thrilling as well as difficult for you. It takes more than 25 days to cover this one so it is imperative to arrange for food and other amenities. If you love heights, be glad because it will take you through some of the highest passes of 16000 feet. With a very dangerous and enthralling trek, this hiking trail is great for wanderers who have a zeal to conquer something in life. Embark on this journey from April to October and have a great time!

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