Considered as ‘Paris of the East’, Budapest is one of the most culture equipped destinations in Europe. This iconic capital of Hungary is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and spectacular sightseeing places. A place filled with architectural buildings, lively streets, historic structures, and friendly people, Budapest is the ultimate destination for your next vacation. The unique thing about this place is that it is an amalgamation of three independent towns- Obuda, Buda, and Pest. This amalgamation led to the formation of a very powerful industrial and commercial hub that it is today. If you go to Budapest, there is no chance you are coming back soon. The beauty of fancy architectures and vibrant culture will hold you awestruck.
We have narrowed down the best places in Budapest where you can visit and spend a good amount of time. It has everything from entertainment to history and culture. Wait for it to surprise you!

Visit Buda Castle

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Buda Castle is a landmark of the 18th century with 200 rooms within. It is an extremely beautiful site with such intricate architecture that you can’t help but stare in awe. Most of the buildings and structures in Budapest will grab you by the heart. This city is full of surprises! This historic structure has undergone a lot of changes since the time it was damaged in World War II. But still, the beauty of this palace outshines everything else. It features the famous Hungarian National Gallery which showcases amazing abstract artwork of local artists and boosts them.

Take Szechenyi Thermal Bath



Home to many distinct baths, this place has aced in uniqueness. There is so much you will discover about it when you step into this land. Hungarian Baths are very popular but this one is something else! Besides giving the most amazing experience of a thermal bath, this also aces in architecture and beauty. Szechenyi is very popular for its open-air baths where visitors can relax for a good amount of time. It also features outdoor thermal pools that are total bliss. If you are in Budapest, you must visit Szechenyi for an incredible session of thermal Bath surrounded by stunning architecture.

Watch a performance at State Opera House

The State Opera House is another beautiful gem in Budapest. It is considered as one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Besides flaunting a beautiful architecture, this one hosts the most creative performances of all times. The building is open for visitors to take a tour of the interiors and have a taste of their culture with some incredible performances. Inside the State Opera House, you will see a lot of amazing visuals like ballets, concerts, and stage shows that are objectified so beautifully. After you are done watching the show, take a tour of the Opera House and feel blessed to witness such beauty.


Gaze at the Hungarian Parliament Building

Standing tall since 1902, the Hungarian Parliament Building is the third-largest building in the world. It stands peacefully on the banks of the River Danube in all its glory. At nightime while you are walking on the riverside, believe us, you are going to witness one of the beautiful sights in the world. Shining in all its glory and charm, this building has an unbelievable 19 kilometers of corridors and stairs with almost 700 rooms. Guided tours are available for this one as well and you can explore each and every corner of this building. Besides the political significance it withholds, the gothic architecture of this beauty is absolutely worth visiting.

Visit the Fisherman’s Bastion

This Roman culture-inspired building is a gorgeous sightseeing attraction in Budapest. It is a packed complex of plenty of towers shining in all their beauty. Multiple towers stand along with many other courtyards and walls, dating back to the 19th century. The Fisherman’s Bastion is a distinctive attraction in Budapest. Standing at this place, you will get some spectacular views of the city as well as the beautiful River Danube. This one boasts a panoramic view of the city in the best way possible and that view you just cannot afford to miss! Click pictures and visit here with a guide or with your family for a great experience!

Explore St. Stephen’s Basilica

Another gem in Budapest! Standing at a height of 96 meters, this one is also the tallest building in Budapest. Since its completion in 1905, it has continued to lure everyone with its beauty. This cathedral has gothic architecture and an amazing view of the city. The beauty of its interior, as well as exterior, is world-famous and that’s why it has a lot of visitors every year. After several restorations, this has still been able to maintain its reputation as one of the most gorgeous buildings in Budapest. If you look at it, you’ll keep looking! Tours are free and donations are welcomed. Head on!

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