The capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague is a dreamland. The River Vltava beautifully bisects it and flows in its own peace throughout the city. With so many gothic architectural buildings, historic structures, and lively streets, Prague is a luxurious destination. This one will burn a hole in your pocket but if you believe us, it’s all worth it. There are a lot of fancy as well as affordable accommodations in Prague that will give you the best views of the city. All these accommodations are luxurious spaces for your ultimate vacation so that you can have a holiday in style! The Czech Republic is called ‘the city of thousand spires’ because of so many historical monuments and the same goes for luxury hotels in Prague because they are no less than jewels. With the most amazing surroundings outside and the atmosphere inside, we have picked the best ones for your stay. Have a look-

Mandarin Oriental

This one was a monastery structure dating back to the 14th century which was later restored and turned into a hotel. Mandarin Oriental Prague is, therefore, a historic hotel with the most amazing architecture. It possesses a blend of modernism as well as traditional values and shows it beautifully in its services and atmosphere. Set in the limelight of the Prague Castle, this one is surrounded by lively streets and thus gives an incredible stay to its visitors. If you are in Prague, you must book this one with a Deluxe room with a garden view. Enjoy the lovely landscape and scenic views from the hotel along with an inbuilt spa just for you.

Four Seasons Hotel

This one really gives the feel of staying close to nature. It looks more like a luxurious villa with all the greenery and beauty. The location of this hotel is just so picturesque because it rests on the banks of River Vltava. Four Seasons Hotel is known for its incredible hospitality and cultural traditions. Every wall of this hotel speaks for itself and makes you feel like you are in the real Prague City. If you wish to have a taste of the local culture in luxury, pick this one and you won’t regret it, we promise! With more than 150 guestrooms and 20 luxury suites, this is one of the largest hotels in town and totally deserves to serve you once!

Aria Hotel

This has gathered its inspiration from music and this feature beautifully shines in all its interiors. The popular Aria Hotel is located just a few steps away from the Charles Bridge and is a beauty in itself. It comprises more than 50 luxury suites which are all inspired by different themes and styles. When you step into the room, you will feel some uniqueness about it. They have curated and decorated every room in such a distinctive style that it speaks the language of music. Every room is dedicated to a unique style and genre of music or shows the work of some artist or composer. This means that all suites are different and there is no similarity in their built and theme at all. Isn’t it interesting? Make your booking in advance for this accommodation and have a great stay.

The Alchymist Grand Hotel & Spa

This 5-star boutique hotel opened its doors to the public in 2006 in the old town of Prague. Since then it has been the gateway to one of the most luxurious stays in Prague. Although it is situated in the lesser town area, still it has the potential to attract a lot of tourism because of its hospitality as well as ambiance. Another great thing about this hotel is that it boasts a very historic feel to it and reflects that character in all its glory. It features some really amazing delicacies in picturesque restaurants, spa services and ancient cellars for the perfect getaway for relaxation. Visit this one for a relaxed and tranquil stay.

Dancing House Hotel

The gorgeous Dancing House Hotel has a structure similar to its name. If you look at it from the outside, it looks like it will fall down right on your head. Located just next to the River Vltava, this one has a lot of attractions inside. With as many as 21 rooms, it is a host of cute cafes and fancy restaurants with a terrace view. You can experience panoramic views from this terrace restaurant while enjoying your food. They offer one of the best services in town along with great hospitality and staff service. If you are looking for something unique and quirky, this will fulfill all your requirements. You’re sure to come out of this with a dancing feeling!

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